ICANN org’s eighth Middle East Domain Name System (DNS) Forum has taken place virtually 16 – 18 May 2022 and offered a closer look at the evolving DNS ecosystem from a technical and policy perspective. The topDNS Initiative, the DNS Abuse Institute, and CoCCA Registry Services participated in the Panel on…Read More

In collaboration with iQ Solutions, eco´s topDNS initiative organized and co-hosted a hands-on workshop at Nordic Domain Days to address DNS Abuse. We will publish the results of the workshop shortly.

With its topDNS initiative, the conference programme was complemented by a well-attended eco panel discussion: Keith Drazek, Vice-President Public Policy & Government Relations at VeriSign and one of the topDNS founding members, introduced the topic with his keynote on the need to regularly work side-by-side in mitigating DNS security threats. The panel discussion…Read More

Beyond the policy development coordination role for the community, ICANN plays a significant role coordinating the technical aspects of the Internet’s unique identifier system. eco’s topDNS Initiative and its members have set themselves the goal of fighting DNS abuse. To understand ICANN’s Technical Mission is key to follow the debate…Read More

On eco´s dotmagazine, Lars Forsberg from iQ looks at the need for awareness of DNS abuse, especially of the new gTLDs, because with awareness comes the ability to act.

Alex Brotman, Comcast, and Patrick Koetter, Leader of the Competence Groups Email and Anti-Abuse at eco, explain on eco´s dotmagazine how DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) can help companies to protect their customers and their brands from abuse.

For over 20 years, the international INHOPE network has been successfully working to combat depictions of the abuse of minors, says Peter-Paul Urlaub from the eco Complaints Office at dotmagazine.

Background information and explanations for non-technical readers, and a clear set of recommendations for best practice in line with privacy-enhancing techniques and informed user consent. Download the Discussion Paper here. Also on eco´s dotmagazine, Patrick Koetter, Leader of the Competence Groups Email and Anti-Abuse at eco, tells the story of…Read More