The stable, safe and secure operation of the DNS has proven to be the foundation for the global expansion of the Internet as a universal public resource. However, like any other innovation and every technology, the Internet and the DNS are vulnerable to abuse, such as malware, botnets, phishing, pharming or spam. The topDNS initiative and its members are committed to fighting DNS abuse.


To achieve this goal, the topDNS initiative rests on two main pillars:

Education & Awareness

  • Promoting existing efforts to fight abuse online
  • Educating policy & decision makers
  • Involving hosting providers and their abuse teams
  • Amplifying the messages of the industry

Collaboration & Operationalisation

  • Collaboration with eco, a trusted Internet platform
  • Sharing best-practice guidance on abuse management
  • Standardising reports, use cases, data & definitions
  • Developing a Trusted Notifier Framework


Among the many eco members who are fighting abuse on the Internet every day, we would like to thank our sponsors of the topDNS Initiative.

Please email topdns@eco.de if you are interested in joining!

iQ Global
Realtime Register

Steering Committee

The topDNS Initiative is lead and guided by a group of leading industry experts:

Jeffrey Bedser
Jeffrey Bedser


Brian Cimbolic
Brian Cimbolic

Vice President, General Counsel
Public Interest Registry

Keith Drazek
Keith Drazek

VP of Policy & Government Relations

Volker Greimann

Head Of Legal, Registrar Division
CentralNic Group of Registrars

Theo Geurts
Theo Geurts

CIPP/E Privacy & GRC Officer
Realtime Register

Robert Schischka


Kelly Hardy
Kelly Hardy

SVP Strategy and Development
IQ Global

Marco Hoffmann

Head of Domain Services

Richard Leaning

Director, Trust & Safety

News & Articles


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