ICANN78 is bringing the domain industry to Hamburg in autumn. In a short interview, Thomas Rickert, Attorney-at-Law, talks about what this involves. Thomas is Director Names & Numbers at eco – Association of the Internet Industry. What makes the ICANN78 meeting in Hamburg so special? ICANN meetings are held regularly all over the world. However,…Read More

Anyone who activates DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) in a DNS zone actively protects it against attempts to misuse the Domain Name System (DNS). Patrick Koetter, Leader of the Email and Anti-Abuse Competence Groups at eco Association explains how to achieve this in an interview and in a two-day German-language…Read More

The eco initiative topDNS has published an Abuse Table to provide guidance on which cyber threats are considered to be abuse of the Domain Name System – and which are not.

In November 2022, eco’s topDNS Initiative invited about 30 experts, including representatives of three different Directorate Generals by the EU Commission, to a workshop in Brussels to work together on a secure future for the DNS (Domain Name System). The topDNS Initiative has now published its 28-page final report.