topDNS Best Practice Series: How to Investigate Online Abuse with Free Tools

Realtime Register & eco’s topDNS Initiative recently held a third series of topDNS best practice webinars, showcasing what the domain name industry is doing to fight DNS abuse.

The aim of the webinar, which took place on 10 August, was to enable staff to conduct investigations using free tools. This was not intended to encourage a ‘do-it-yourself’ approach over the use of commercial products. However, a basic knowledge of investigations and processes involved is useful for anyone working in the field of online abuse mitigation.

Participants at the webinar involved not only beginners, but also advanced abuse desk managers.

Theo Geurts, CIPP/E Privacy & GRC Officer at Realtime Register delivered an approach for abuse service staff to take action and understand some basic techniques.

Check out the report summary here.

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