topDNS Best Practice Series: Addressing, evidencing, and mitigating abuse in Web3

The CleanDNS, Freename & eco’s topDNS Initiative held the sixth in a series of topDNS best practice webinars to highlight what the domain name industry is doing to fight DNS abuse.

Chris Lewis-Evans, Director of Governmental Engagement and Internet Abuse Mitigation at CleanDNS, and Federico Costa, Co-founder and CTO of Freename, presented on addressing, evidencing, and mitigating abuse in Web3.

Web3 brings new opportunities for online harm, bad actors, and malicious activities. The aim of the webinar, which took place on 12 December was to identify and suggest remediation methodologies for online harms in Web3 to reduce victimization.

You can download the white paper PDF here:

Check out the report summary here.

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