An Initiative to Fight DNS Abuse

Online Harm Mitigation – Enhanced DNS Industry Collaboration

DNS industry operators are facing increasingly sophisticated attacks, competing regulation, and rising complexity in mitigating online harms. If you are interested in an informal conversation about opportunities to improve communication, information-sharing, and collaboration throughout the stack, Keith Drazek will share details of a new effort intended to bring together registries, registrars, hosting providers, CDNs, and ISPs to improve our ability to proactively cooperate in mitigating online harms within our respective areas of responsibility.

Thomas Rickert

Director Names & Numbers
eco – Association of the Internet Industry

Attorney-at-law and domain law expert Thomas Rickert is Director of the Names & Numbers Forum with the Association of the Internet Industry, eco e.V. ( which, in addition to political lobbying activities, is regularly hosting events informing about the current trends in the DNS industry and providing a platform for information exchange.
From 2011 to 2015, Thomas Rickert was a member of the GNSO (Generic Names Support- ing Organization) Council of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ( Currently, Thomas Rickert is a member of ICANN’s EPDP working group, which is tasked with making the handling of registration data for gTLDs, including WHOIS, compliant with GDPR.
Further , Thomas Rickert is managing partner of the law firm Rickert Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH (, which is specialised in legal issues of the digital economy.

Keith Drazek

Vice President, Public Policy & Government Relations

As vice president of public policy and government relations in the Naming and Registry Services organization at Verisign, Keith Drazek is responsible for actively and broadly participating in the development and advocacy of Verisign’s policy interests in multiple arenas involving internet identifiers directly affecting product and services offered by Verisign. Keith brings over 30 years of experience and leadership in the technical functions of the internet and the Domain Name System (DNS), internet policy development, government relations, external affairs and channel management.

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11:00 am - 11:45 am