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ICANN78 Day Zero Workshop: NIS2 Directive – Impact on the DNS Industry

eco – Association of the Internet Industry

invites you on Friday, 20 October for a Day Zero Workshop at ICANN78 in Hamburg to discuss the legislation that can make or break the domain name industry in the European Union followed by an informal reception.

Please note, space is limited and registration is required.

A detailed agenda will be published soon.

We look forward to welcoming you!

The NIS2 Directive is the EU-wide legislation on cybersecurity. It provides legal measures to increase the overall level of cybersecurity in the EU.

The EU cybersecurity legislation, which was introduced in 2016, was updated by the NIS2 Directive, which came into force in 2023. It modernized the existing legal framework to keep pace with increasing digitization and the evolving cybersecurity threat landscape. Extending the scope of cybersecurity rules to new sectors and entities will further improve the resilience and responsiveness of public and private entities, competent authorities and the EU as a whole.

In addition to its impact on the cybersecurity sector, the NIS2 Directive has implications for domain name registrations in the European Union. Article 28 of NIS2 contains requirements for domain name registrations, in particular registration data.

What makes NIS2 a challenge for the domain industry is its directive nature. A directive is a piece of legislation that sets a goal that all EU countries must achieve. However, it is up to the individual countries to develop their own laws on how to achieve these goals. This could potentially result in 27 different procedures for validating domain name registration data. Given that the domain name industry is a global ecosystem of domain name registries, registrars, resellers, etc. interacting with each other, validation procedures should follow proven industry best practices. The implementation of NIS2 by individual member states of the European Union should avoid the definition of 27 different processes.

The clock is ticking. The updated NIS2 Directive entered into force on January 16, 2023. Member States now have until October 17, 2024 to adopt new legislation to comply with NIS2. Businesses need to consider how the extended new regime will affect them, as it will take time to put compliant structures in place, and they will need to consider NIS2 jurisdictional rules in their compliance plans, contracts and relationships with third parties they rely on to protect their assets.




10:00 am - 5:30 pm


CCH - Congress Center Hamburg
Congressplatz 1, 20355 Hamburg