ICANN’s Office of the CTO offers the course, “DNS for ISPs”, a fast-paced, intense two-hour webinar covering myriad topics of DNS configuration and DNS security and monitoring intended for network engineers who are operating a service provider network.

During this event, we will discuss the DNS ecosystem: its vulnerabilities as highlighted by big events, some mitigations to thwart attacks, and the future of DNS security in a world filled with miniature connected devices. This course will cover the best practices in securing the overall ecosystem of DNS, from…Read More

This webinar will cover the fundamentals of what DNSSEC is, why it is important, and will give an overview of all its technical components. You will learn about the DNS resource record types that DNSSEC uses, as well as information about how DNSSEC uses cryptographic signing keys to keep our…Read More

ICANN78 is bringing the domain industry to Hamburg in autumn. In a short interview, Thomas Rickert, Attorney-at-Law, talks about what this involves. Thomas is Director Names & Numbers at eco – Association of the Internet Industry. What makes the ICANN78 meeting in Hamburg so special? ICANN meetings are held regularly all over the world. However,…Read More

Registration for this year’s ICANN78 General Annual Meeting from 21 – 25 October in Hamburg is now open. Together with DENIC eG and the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, eco –Association of the Internet Industry is hosting the 25th meeting of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). As…Read More

Anyone who activates DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) in a DNS zone actively protects it against attempts to misuse the Domain Name System (DNS). Patrick Koetter, Leader of the Email and Anti-Abuse Competence Groups at eco Association explains how to achieve this in an interview and in a two-day German-language…Read More